Utah FCCLA@TheTable

To promote FCCLA@TheTable, Utah Fccla is hosting a friendly competition between chapters. Chapter members pledge to eat one meal with their family online at fcclainc.org and post a selfie of the dinner using the hashtag #fcclaatthetable. Chapters with the highest number of pledges will receive a special dinner at State Leadership Conference and recognition at the Closing Ceremony. Good luck and let the meals begin!

Download this form to keep track of your pledges for FCCLA @ The Table. The link to pledge meals is http://www.fcclainc.org/content/fccla-at-the-table/ and you can pledge as many meals as you want (You can pledge every day if you would like). When you pledge a meal, you should get an email back from FCCLA. If you pledged earlier in the year and did not receive an email, it’s because the site was not working correctly, and you will need to pledge that meal again. So sorry for that inconvenience!